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Iulianus (ca. 297 A.D)

Thomas M. Banchich and Michael DiMaio, Jr.

The Epitome de Caesaribus reports that about the time of the elevations of Maximian to the rank of Augustus on March 1, 286, and of Constantius Chlorus and Galerius to that of Caesar on March 1, 293: "Carausius in Gaul, Achilles in Egypt, and Julianus in Italy were made imperatores and, by a diverse death, perished. Of these Julianus, when an attack had breached his walls, threw himself into a fire" (39.3-4, ed. Pichlmayr: Hoc tempore Charausio in Galliis, Achilleus apud Aegyptum, Iulianus in Italia imperatores effecti diverso exitu periere. E quibus Iulianus acto per costas pugione in ignem se abiecit).[[1]] The PLRE identifies this Julianus with the Julianus mentioned in Aurelius Victor's Liber de Caesaribus 39.22 as connected somehow with disturbances in Africa linked to the Berber confederacy of the Quinquegentiani. However, this identification has little to support it and has been justly questioned.[[2]] Likewise, the Epitome seems to distinguish Julianus 2 from Sabinus Julianus.[[3]]


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