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Martinianus (324 A.D.)

Michael DiMaio, Jr.

A image on a coin of the Emperor Martinianus (c) 1998 Princeton Economic Institute

Mar. Martinianus was the Emperor Licinius' magister officiorum. After his defeat at the Battle of Adrianople on 3 July 324, the eastern emperor made Martinianus an Au gustus; he was sent to Lampsacus to impede Constantine's army as it crossed from Thrace to the Hellespont. After Constantine defeated Licinius' forces at the Battle of Chrysopolis on 18 September 324, both Licinius and his colleague were exiled. He was sent to Thessalonica, where he was confined under house arrest; Martinianus, his associate, was imprisoned in Cappadocia. Constantine had both his rivals put to death no later than 325.


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