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   Ancient Studies -- New Technology: The World Wide Web and Scholarly Research, Communication, and Publication in Ancient, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies

December 8-10, 2000
Salve Regina University
Newport, RI


Believing as we do that the Internet and computer technology are the wave of the future in the publication of scholarship, we are publishing the proceedings of this conference on the Net. Those presentations which demonstrated websites are represented with abstracts of the presentation and links, whereas discussion-papers are published as texts. We, the editors, take full responsibility for any typographical errors in the text.

We would like to thank the following people who helped contribute to the success of the Ancient Studies - New Technology Conference. At the top of the list is Professor Ralph Mathisen, of the University of South Carolina, who organized the Conference Program. We are thankful for the sponsorship of the Philosophy department here at Salve Regina University, as well as for the support of Professor Ross Scaife, of the Stoa Consortium, and Professor Gregory Crane, of the Perseus Project. Among others, we would like to single out Professor George Antone of the Department of History and Dolores Woolhouse of International Programs and the Pell Conference Center who, along with Thomas Flanagan, Vice President of Operations, and his fine staff, handled the logistics of the Conference with great verve and elegance. They were helped by the members of the local Organizing Committee, Professors Joseph Pucci, of Brown University, Nina Coppolino, of the College of the Holy Cross, and Michael Thombs, of Salve Regina University.

Finally, we would like to thank Eileen M. Foley for her inspiration, support, and unstinting labors that kept all plans on track and made the conference possible.

Jacqueline Long

M. Michael DiMaio, Jr.

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